Damber Nirola


 Dear Friends,

Welcome! This page is like a "door" to my home and I invite you all to take time and go around it.  The main intention of having this webpage if to share my life with you all.  I have written a short autobiography about myself and many of my friends have liked it.  Though it is definitely not a story of "Rags to Riches" you will at least appreciate the plight of an orphan to have reached up to this stage in life.


Sorry, I have not included much details about my siblings and that is because they have their own parts of the story to tell.  I would not be able to do justice, for they could have worse predicament than those of mine! 

The Curriculum vitae posted here is to briefly let you know what I had been doing since I graduated in 1987. Beside, I will also have an easy access to it whenever I may require it in future.

I have posted collection of photographs meant for your visual treat.  You are welcome to download them provided you do not abuse them.

Please take some time to sign my guest book; this will surely give me a big boost to my morale.

Tashi delek!

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